Growing Number of Water Wheel Keepers (Teacher-Trainers):

Frank Wise, Wyoming 

Ojo Water Wheel Community (Santa Fe area)
Laurian Lucretia, Ojo Water Wheel caretaker   505-583-2708 
Aniel (Steve Pitt)   505-629-6684 
Erin Galiger  505-500-7667
J. Lynch   340-474-9001
Raphael Weisman, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Other New Mexico
Patrico Domingues, Albuquerque
Grandmother Flordemayo, Estancia, New Mexico

Cynthia Lapp, Duluth, MN

Belinda Eriacho, Tempe, AZ
Noami Tempe, Arizona
Columbia River & White Salmon River Community (Oregon/Washington)
Camilla Blossom
Ellie Trichter
Robbie Lapp
Jen Gouvea & Kent Bye
Wesley Martusewicz, Portland, Oregon
Maura Dawgert, Portland, Oregon
Michelle Garnier Winkler, Portland, Oregon

San Diego/Oceanside, CA
Beatrice Delgado, San Diego
Ruthie Schmiedicke, San Diego
Dick & Nancy Weaver, San Diego
Laurie Reyon, San Diego
Annette Pederson & Mike Flores, San Diego
Rhete Masouli, San Diego
Sandara Pearl Jenkins, San Diego
Barbara Bradley, San Diego
Margarite Masoudi, San Diego
Linda Long, San Diego
Ken McNerney, Oceanside, CA
Joanne Edmondson, San Diego

Kelly Lynch, Boston, MA

Texas Communities (Galveston, Houston)

Susan Daniels, The Woodlands, Texas
Jessica & Zach Robison, Houston
Christy Love & Guy Brown, Houston
Pat Fleury, Houston
Sharlene Dunn, Houston
Josh Miller, Houston
Jordan Dunn, Houston
John Hawk, Friendswood, TX
Northern California/Arcata/Trinidad Community
Michal Mugrage
Kelley Breen
Christine Braun Miller, Northern California

Eryn Hampson, Earthwalker

Ron Griffith, Mt Shasta

Kelly Breen & Lennox, Northern California

Michal Mugrage, Northern California

Liz Thompson, Northern California

Ben Allen (Sacred Rock Retreat Center), Northern California

New York/New Jersey
Tina & Stephen Leonardo, New York/New Jersey

DebRa Falanga, New York/New Jersey

Peter & Joanne, New York State
Earth Walkers
Al Almarah Gamache, Earthwalker

Marcus Billadeau, Earthwalker

Founders of Water Wheel Community
In 2010-2011, Camilla Blossom and Marshall Jack traveled to different communities in western USA and Canada and the southwest to educate, inspire, and gather with others for the waters. Golden Eagle had a vision for a way to bring communities together for the living waters.

Marshall "Golden Eagle" Jack  


Marshall Jack “Golden Eagle” follows the guidance of the Holy Ones, Ancestors,  and Grandmothers as a visionary leader in service to Mother Earth, her waters, her children, and the ascension of the planet.

Marshall is a Paiute medicine man and ceremonial leader with many years of experience in healing physical, spiritual, emotional, and ancestral issues. He carries Eagle Medicine, a visionary gift since childhood that gives him sight into our ancestor’s realms and the star nations. Marshall’s ancestors were medicine people and healers Yosemite and Lake Tahoe region.

For the past thirty years, he has led ceremony for all peoples and has organized and led two powerful world-wide ceremonies, May 18, 2010 to Heal the Planetary Waters, and April 3, 2011 he joined with Camilla Blossom in the Northwest to bring together the Seven Sacred Feminine Fires Ceremony for healing worldwide karma. 
Marshall holds 4 sacred Keys for the future: Water, Fire, Children, and Ascension
Marshall lead a Traditional Ancestor Walk for fifteen years. Decades ago the indigenous tribes of the Eastern Sierras walked across the mountains through Yosemite to trade with the coastal tribes. In 1990, Marshall was lead to bring this walk back to life. He led hundreds of natives and supporters on this 55 mile journey to commemorate this tradition. This Traditional Walk was broadcast in a documentary on KCOY.
Associate Director, Alcatraz Project
Marshall lead the following recent ceremonies:
-2009/2010, The Colorado River Project-Water Ceremony, August 2009-April 2010. This ceremony was an eight month journey through the entire Colorado source waters and watershed. Marshall did ceremony with tribes all along the Colorado River and placed crystals all along the river. The final ceremony was completed the end of March in Yuma, Arizona with the Colorado River and Cocopah Tribes. The collected Grandmothers' waters of the Colorado River Complex were presented to the Colorado River tribes. There was a completion of the INTENT in April 2010 when the Colorado River completed its journey to the Baja, Gulf of California – the first time in many years! The Gila River, for the first time in over 40 years, flowed from New Mexico, through Arizona, and emptied into the Colorado River at Yuma. One very important aspect of this ceremony was that these tribes had not gathered in over 50 years.
-2010, Healing the Planetary Water, worldwide ceremony for the waters, prayers and ceremony at eight largest lakes in the world.
-2011, Seven Sacred Fires Ceremony, worldwide, for healing worldwide karma, fires build in Cairo, Egypt and locations around the world to release karma.


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